Effective Stress-Management Techniques for You to Try Today

October 16, 2017

There is a reason why stress is called ‘the silent killer’. It creeps into people’s lives and causes damage physically and emotionally. If you’ve been feeling extra stressed lately, it’s understandable. Life can be full of pressures and some scenarios you’re ready for better than others. By being on the look-out for things that combat stress, you’re preparing yourself for future occurrences. You’re building resiliency which helps you bounce back from situations quickly. You’re also lowering your blood

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How to Meditate Using Calming Essential Oils

October 09, 2017

Meditation provides people of all ages, belief systems, and occupations with a go-to stress-relieving tool. It’s something that can be practiced anywhere using minimal equipment. Meditation provides positive physiological and psychological effects. Practitioners who meditate regularly report fewer stress-related symptoms. Aromatherapy complements meditation by relaxing the body and mind while giving it a pleasant scent to focus on. Using essential oils in a diffuser or wearing them on the body during meditation is a great way to promote

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Tips for Becoming Your Own Health and Wellness Advocate

October 02, 2017

Among the greatest forms of self-care, you have available is advocacy. By speaking up about what benefits you physically and emotionally, you’re able to access resources that you may have not even known existed up until now. Although it may seem like an odd concept to not do what’s best for yourself naturally, many people are conditioned to believe that being selfless is how you avoid being selfish. That simply isn’t the case! Self-care is healthcare. It helps

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