Books About Essential Oils You’ll Want to Have in Your Personal Library

August 28, 2017

If you don’t know much about essential oils but want to learn more about using them, books are a fantastic resource for you to utilize. Available in hard copy and digital form, they can be referenced often for favorable results. You can include as many books about aromatherapy in your personal library as you’d like because there are many titles on the subject. Here, we introduce you to some of the best resources available. You can purchase these

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Create a Stress-Reducing Workplace Survival Kit for Your Bag or Desk

August 22, 2017

Stress is detrimental to your health and overall well-being. That’s why it’s important to come up with effective ways to deal with it in your personal and professional lives. One thing you can do that is very helpful in combating life’s stressors is to create a survival kit filled with items that invite relaxation. You can make one for home and for your job because it doesn’t take much time or money to do so. Here are some

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Which Type of Essential Oil is Right for Your Symptoms?

August 14, 2017

The power of essential oils is outstanding. If you haven’t given aromatherapy a try, it’s time that you do. It’s yet another way to heal your body and ease your mind naturally. After all, essential oils are made from plants and use their leaves, stems, and petals among other parts. Here are some of the symptoms you might be experiencing and the essential oils that can help them subside: Restlessness or Insomnia. Lavender and roman chamomile help

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Self-Massage Techniques Using High-Quality Essential Oils

August 07, 2017

If you don’t have the time or money to schedule a session with a masseuse, you can easily use self-massage as a technique to soothe yourself. All you need is your favorite essential oil, your choice of carrier oil, and the ability to apply pressure to different areas of your body including your hands and feet. Some self-massage techniques to try using high-quality essential oils include: A Hand and Wrist Massage. This technique is great if you

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