Five Ways to Tackle a Tummy Ache

December 28, 2016

There are a number of different reasons why you might have a stomachache. Nonetheless, getting relief from its painful symptoms is key. In addition to a number of over-the-counter remedies, there are also natural remedies available. From drinking ginger tea to inhaling the soothing smell of peppermint, the list goes on and on. For simplicity’s sake, here are five ways to tackle a tummy ache: Make peppermint your go-to scent. When it comes to choosing the type of

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Give Yourself the Gift of Aromatherapy Essential Oils This Christmas

December 14, 2016

Christmas is fast approaching and you likely still have a few gifts to buy. Even if you don’t, why not treat yourself to something you’ll use year round? Bioesse Tech’s Aromatherapy and Hemp Inhalation Patches are easy to apply, come in a number of different scents, and offer hours of continuous relief. They come as single patches or boxes of 25. There are different varieties that help you deal with anxiety, fatigue, PMS, and indigestion. There are also

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Why You Should Make Aromatherapy Essential Oils Part of Your Holiday Season

December 07, 2016

The holidays are fast approaching and there are a number of ways you can make essential oils part of your celebrations. From combatting stress to making your home smell amazing, there are a lot of things that aromatherapy can do for you and the members of your household. For example, did you know that certain essential oils help combat colds and other respiratory issues? If you didn’t know it then, you certainly do now. Here are a few

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